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schoumacher. the federal reserve board is responsible for deciding how much money the economy needs to grow. in the early 1970s, the fed held to a policy of using the money supply to try to keep the economy on course. in times of inflation, the fed tightened the money supply to squeeze excess dollars out of the economy. in times of recession, it increased the money supply to stimulate growth. but in 1975, the fed, under the chairmanship of arthur burns, faced a new and troubling dilemma -- caught between persistent inflation and a growing recession, how did chairman burns keep the economy on course? by late 1974, inflation had become a serious economic problem. under pressure from rising fuel prices, inflation rose to a staggering 12%. inflated interest rates had driven up the price of mortgages and brought the building industry to a standstill. sales of new cars and home appliances plunged. in september, president gerald ford asked congress to join him in a battle against inflation. my first priority is to work with you to bring inflation under control. inflation is domestic enemy number o
is beginning to court the global economy rough e sale ofydelic power. weskosan achieve sustaible delopment, generang ecomic growth of its indigenous tions wd its natural environment. the mekong river traces an 1,100-mile path through or along the border of laos. the river has also been a barrier between laos and its neighbors. now there is a road, where before there was none. in 1994, the friendship bridge gave laos its first land link with the outside world, through thailand to the west. the bridge may symbolize a connected future, but laos in the here and now remains among the poorest countries in the world. ( rooster crows ) it is the least developed country in the lower mekong basin. life expectancy is low, about 53 years. ( rooster crows % of cn e maourished. the potential changes brought by economic development are enormous. the soil here is rich and fertile. laos remains a largely agrarian society. lowland peoples practice wet rice farming. the capital, vientiane, has a population of just half a million. the rest of the 5½ million laotians are spread over 155 million square miles o
have promised to tackle corruption and keep the economy growing. in his first speech as head of state, xi jinping also spoke of overseeing a chinese renaissance. politicians in pakistan are hoping to reach agreement for an interim government to oversee elections. the prime minister has addressed the nation after his government became the first in the nation's history to serve a full five-year term. more radioactive waste is leaking from the most contaminated nuclear site in the united states. another 2000 liters of waste have recently spilled. over 4 million liters since the 1940's. we have this report from washington state. >> this is the edge of the hanford nuclear station in washington state, a 1500 square kilometers site, with the dubious distinction of being the most contaminated place in america. recently, the government disclosed that six large underground tanks are leaking up radioactive of waste each year. it alarms environmentalists, who fear that it could pass into groundwater in a nearby river. >> the tank leaks are shocking, the size and number. the fact that the departme
, unraveling confidence across the euro sound. >> despite the small size of the economy, all the developments in cyprus could undermine the progress made in 2012 in stabilizing the euro zone. >> with the banks closed and a public holiday on monday, the levy on bank deposits will come into force on tuesday. the bank is taking immediate steps to prevent electronic money transfers over the weekend. inshe is the economist based cypress, as to what the initial reaction to the news has been. a lot and shot and anger this morning because no one ever thought they would be it the normal depositors. thanng people with more 100,000, but the idea that every man and woman and child, it is a big shock for everybody. there is still a question, this is really going to hit the banking and financial sectors, but the business services sector, which had been a growth sector they have been the one creating jobs and revenue. they have taken a big hit and people will be very wary about using cyprus for business. the short term, cyprus can pay its way. for the longer term, the question is still open. >> more serious
are warning that the unprecedented measure could scare away investors from the eurozone's weaker economies. --separate's president cypress's president has just addressed the nation. what did the president have to say? he calmed the situation? >> he appeared on television in the last 20 minutes or so. he just wrapped up his speech, very sober. he said he fully undertakes the ,esponsibility for his actions and the solution to cyprus's economic woes. he said, this is not what we wanted to do, but it is the least painful under the circumstances. the lessn his words, worse of two evils. he said, we are trying to avoid these viciou the vicious circled memorandum. he said that he would respect the vote of romans, but his job is to try to cobble together a majority to get this past -- parliament, but his job is to try to cobble together a majority to get this passesed. >> cyprian's are stunned. they never dreamed they would be affected personally, that money would be taken from their accounts. they feel like they have been very hard done by, and they desperately oppose this bailout agreement. many
for a job for a long time. i am trying to support my children. >> those involved ways government -- economy -- though zimbabwe's economy has begun recovering, full recovery remains elusive. would coste industry at least $1 billion. it is unlikely they will get the funds anytime soon. mohammed adow, al jaazeera. >> two years ago, a visit by the leader of myanmar to australia would have been highly improbable. now, thein sein -- now thein sein has become the first myanmar president to visit australia in four decades. australia is boosting aid. , civilunited states rights groups are taking the new york city's police department to court, claiming that the stop and frisk policy unfairly targets minorities. this east new york city neighborhood, crime and poverty are rampant -- >> in this east new york city neighborhood, crime and poverty are rampant, that many young men say it is the police they fear most. some were afraid to give their last names in describing their dealings with police. >> how are you all doing? >> i have had going -- had guns pointed at me based on my appearance. stop and fri
into the local economy. card testing has proven lucrative. a beauty salon called harmony provides beauty consulting, massage, and manicures. there's even a local car rental office. once she has done your nails, the manicurist can become your real estate agent. >> our clients come from all over -- correa, france. many come from germany. the work for porsche, bmw, or bosch, but they are unique. for example, they've cooked fish right on the stove without using a pen. the house almost burned down, and of course, the stove was ruined. >> one can always expect some friction when two cultures meet. mostly, though, local residents are glad to vent their houses to the visitors from abroad. -- to rent their houses to the visitors from abroad. the addisons, for instance, vented their single-family home to four korean engineers to the end of march for 10,000 euros a month. in the meantime, the adamsons make do in a camper. >> when we move back into our house, it smells funny for a while, like korean food. the renters always leave a lot of the provisions behind. we tried to cookery and dishes once --
economy in the world to second, within just his term. xi jinping will have to focus on shrinking the wealth gap as soon as he gets into office. also, he is taking his first foreign trip to russia. this is largely symbolic. it is to counterbalance america's pivot towards asia. america is really spreading its economic influence and its military. this is china's symbolic show that they are also spreading their base of power all the way to russia. kenya's outgoing prime minister, raila odinga, is refusing to accept defeat in last week's elections. he announced on thursday he would appeal the result in kenya's highest court. >> this is the man who believes he should have been in -- elected kenya's next president. according to official figures, he lost the vote by more than 800,000 ballots here but at a gathering of his parties newly elected -- his part -- by more than 800,000 ballots. but at a gathering of his party's newly elected officials, he said -- >> we must defend the [indiscernible] >> goading the's supporters believe he lost to systematic fraud -- odinga's supporters believe
them, even making a dessert. but one of the main economies for jewish customers is are locusts coacher? that is, does their preparation meet strict jewish dietary laws? the chef says yes. >> there is a seal. it's already kosher, so you can have a look here and see that .here is half for halal and this is the most important sign that it's kosher. >> rabbinacal opinion seems to be divided. some are against the consumption of locusts. others say it's a family adition mainly in yemeni and moroccan and jewish communities. >> since the swarm started in egypt, many people have seen this as an opportunity, especially those who deprom a tradition of eating the locusts. it brings back the memories of it and passes a tradition on to the next generation. >> the swarms are a disaster for farmers across the middle east. crops are being sprayed to try to wipe them out n. egypt, there's been 20 locust swarms in the last eight weeks. israel has even offered to spray across the border. still, some israelis are traveling to the desert to catch their own fresh supply to eat. you go early in the morning or
economy. we stand together because we share a commitment to helping our fellow human beings around the world. when the earth shakes and floods come, our doctors and rest was reached out to help. when people are suffering, from africa to asia, we partnered to fight disease and overcome hunger. piecend together because must come to the holy land. for even as we are clear-eyed about the difficulties we never lose sight of the vision of israel at peace with its neighbors. so, as i began this is it let me say as clearly as we can, the united states of america stands with the state of israel because it is in our fundamental national security interests, it makes us both stronger, it makes us both a more prosperous, and it makes the world a better place. that is why -- [applause] the united states it was the very first nation to recognize the state of israel 65 years ago. that is why the star of david and the stars and stripes flying together today. that is why i am confident in declaring that our alliance is forever. thank you very much. [applause] >> [speaking in foreign language) >> bar
spontaneous recording and projecting of something seen in the modern world. that economy also spreads to the devices he uses, which bring the spectator of his works into the game. "i recognize that. i know that that's very up to date. i understand it. i am modern like the artist." and it's that interplay that he generates between the spectator and his audience that is very, very modern. (narrator) the painter of montmartre's decadence had an aristocratic start. born in 1864, henri raymond de toulouse-lautrec came from a noble and distinguished family-- count raymond of toulouse had helped capture jerusalem in the first crusade. henri's branch of the family came from the red-brick city of albi in the south of france. henri grew up in a world of chateaus and privilege in a family living on the fruits of its noble past. but a france governed by the middle class was losing its taste for nobility. like many aristocrats, his father alphonse retreated into rural pastimes-- riding and hunting. an eccentric, he looked wistfully back to the family's glorious past. alphonse had married his first
up lima by going after cartels who control the transport system and regulating the economy of street vendors. they've been deeply unpopular among the war and have become fodder in a campaign to drive her out. >> the process underway is tainted with aggression, lies, distortion, misinformation, manipulation, and even worse, insult at my condition as a woman. it's injuring our citizens and causing negative visions. >> the recall vote is believed to be spearheaded by a former mayor looking for a comeback. he denies those allegations but controls the capital with significant influence as politicians jockey for power ahead of the elections. al jazeera. >> in southwestern colombia, soldiers conducted a raid in the jungle and seized nearly four tons of cocaine. they say they were hided and the confiscated cocaine had a street value of nearly 90 million dollars. 150,000 people have attended the first sunday prayers delivered by the new pope. before that, in an apparent break of precision and protocol, he met the faithful at ground level walking through the streets in st. annesa's church and
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12